Fertility Tips to Get Pregnant Fast: OB/GYN Tell You Everything!

Fertility Tips to Get Pregnant Fast: OB/GYN Tell You Everything!

Here are the best tips and tricks to optimize natural fertility and get pregnant fast. Tips are provided by certified OB/GYN and Pediatricians.

In this article we're going to be talking a lot about sex and a list of evidence-based practices to optimize your natural fertility and things that all couples could be doing to get pregnant fast.

80% of couples pregnant after 6 months

Interestingly your chances of getting pregnant in a month are only 20% to 25%. Fortunately that means for most healthy couples after six months 80% of them will be pregnant and that number rises to 85% at 12 months.

When is infertility diagnosed?

Keep in mind infertility is a disease defined as not being able to get pregnant after 12 months of unprotected intercourse or exposure to sperm. So if it's been that long for you, it's time for you to go see your OB/GYN or your REI (Reproductive Endocrinologist). The reasons why you should head in sooner are if you are over 35 or if you have some GYN history that puts you at a higher risk of infertility, like irregular periods or a history of some GYN surgery.

But if you don't have any of those issues that you know about, you may be wondering how can you get pregnant as fast as possible, which is why we came up with this fun mnemonic about optimizing your natural fertility fast:

  • F is optimizing Fitness
  • A is Avoid things that can decrease your fertility
  • S is for sex
  • T is for timing (your fertile window)

Fitness for optimal fertility

Before making the decision to start a family of your own, you want to be in good health to get pregnant. 

Studies have shown that obese women with a BMI over 35 can take up to twice as long to get pregnant on average and women who are really thin or underweight with a BMI less than 19 can take up to four times as long to get pregnant.

So if you're not in a hurry to get pregnant, this is a great time to work to optimize your overall body weight, great time to get back in the gym, schedule regular exercise and even clean up your diet. That being said there's no specific dietary variation: vegetarianism, veganism and antioxidant diet that has been shown to improve fertility or affect babies gender. Only some herbal remedy can help you boost your fertility.

The fertility diet which is notably rich in poultry, seafood, whole grains fruits and vegetables and also low in things like red meats, low in sugar and low in other processed foods is related to better fertility in women and better semen quality in men.

This is also a time to talk about prenatal vitamins. If you are thinking about having a baby, now is the time to start taking a prenatal vitamin with at least 400 micrograms of folic acid or vitamin b9. As a pediatrician this is super important to me, i've cared for multiple children with neural tube defects and taking folate as mom before you get pregnant is one thing you can do to decrease your baby's chance of having this happen.

exercise fitness to get pregnant

The final thing to think about here, is that women's fertility starts to decline around age 35 it doesn't really catch up for men until age 50, but if you aren't quite ready to start a family just keep this in mind when you're thinking about your goals and your plans for the future.

Things to Avoid that decrease your fertility

The short list of things we're going to cover here are: smoking alcohol caffeine and other toxins.

There are a thousand reasons to quit smoking but we know that women who smoke are more likely to experience infertility and are more likely to have a miscarriage. Men who smoke have been found to have decreased sperm number and their sperm have decreased motility as well.

What about alcohol? Alcohol is really important for us to mention here because there is no safe amount of alcohol in pregnancy for the developing baby, as alcohol is known to be detrimental to the developing fetus's brain. That being said when you are trying to conceive, having one drink every once in a while is probably totally fine. Studies have shown women who have two or more drinks per day are more likely to experience infertility but if you have one or less it's probably totally fine you just have to stop once you are pregnant.

alcohol fertility

Which brings us to my advice: caffeine. So women who consume more than 500 milligrams of caffeine or the equivalent of five cups of coffee a day, have increased rates of infertility. Women who are pregnant who consume 200 to 300 milligrams of caffeine or two to three cups a day of coffee or more have increased rates of miscarriage. However studies have shown if you have two cups or less or about 200 milligrams or less of caffeine when you are pregnant or trying to conceive, there are no adverse effects on your fertility or pregnancy outcomes so those two cups of coffee a day are okay. You don't have to quit.

One more thing to think about: marijuana is a substance that's difficult to study. However it has been known to cause harmful effects to the fetus and can decrease fertility. So that is another one that you probably want to cut out when you are trying to conceive and pregnant.

Finally a list of other substances that you should try to avoid if at all possible. Things like dry cleaning solvents heavy metals and pesticides have all been shown to have decreased rates of fertility in both men and women.

Sex and fertility

We're going to talk about positions, orgasm, frequency and loops that are safe and not safe to use. So first of all, there's no special position to help increase your chance of getting pregnant. You do not need to lie on your back, you don't need to hold your legs in the air for hours after sex, the sperm gets the fallopian tube in minutes to meet that egg. So whatever position works well for you have at it. But having said that female orgasm also has no relationship to pregnancy.

The other really important thing to talk about is just how often a man should ejaculate to help improve his sperm quality. So we know that abstinence of five days or greater can decrease from count and more than 10 days between ejaculation can decrease overall sperm quality. But daily ejaculation has not been shown to decrease sperm quality or concentration, it's fine. Actually for men who may have low sperm count they may see the highest sperm concentrations with daily ejaculation.

sex positions orgasm get pregnant

Finally we should talk about lubricants. So lube is one of those things where if you're trying to get pregnant, you may be making things harder on yourself without even knowing about it. There are certain lubricants that can decrease sperm motility, notably things like KY, astro glide, even olive oil and saliva can decrease the sperm's ability to get where it needs to go. Lubricant that is okay is going to be mineral oil, canola oil and something that is a hydroxyethylcellulose-based product. So these are products on the market that do not inhibit sperm motility and can give you the lubrication you need, if you need it.

When is the best time to have sex to get pregnant fast?

What we're talking about here is a period of time every month called the fertile window, which is the six-day period ending on the day of ovulation. Actually your highest chances to get pregnant are when you have sex on those one to two days before ovulation or the day of ovulation.

The goal here is to have sperm there ready waiting to meet the egg when ovulation happens. Because the egg can only live for 12 to 24 hours after it's released whereas sperm just doesn't die and can stay in the female reproductive tract for up to five days. So we say all this not to create stress but rather to make things more easy for you to help optimize your chances of getting pregnant. Because predicting ovulation can actually be kind of difficult and there are different things you can use to try to help. There are period tracker apps for your phone, there are ovulation predictor kits, there's basal body temperature monitoring, cervical mucus monitoring, different things that give you a general idea. So tracking ovulation can be difficult because it can vary from day to day from cycle to cycle. There are different things you can do one of them is a period tracker app. It's easy: you track your cycles for a while and then it tells you what your fertile window is based on your history. You can also use ovulation predictor kits.

best time to get pregnant fertile window

The easiest way to improve your chances though is to just have more sex. We know that pregnancy rates are highest if you have sex every day. But having sex every other day confers about the same pregnancy rate. This is the one thing we've promised you that all couples can be doing to get pregnant faster: that is having regular sexual intercourse, penis and vagina sex, every one to two days after the end of the female partner's period for two weeks. It's that easy! Have more sex at the right time to have a baby.