How To Avoid an Ectopic Pregnancy Naturally

How To Avoid an Ectopic Pregnancy Naturally

If you have had en ectopic pregnancy it can be pretty scary to start trying to get pregnant again. But what if you knew that you can reduce the risk of having an ectopic naturally?

Whether you've already had an ectopic pregnancy and even may have lost tube already; or you've been told that you're at risk of having an ectopic or you just want to prevent one in the first place... This is the article for you.

We're going to talk about supplements, homeopathic remedies for scarring and more to make you feel more confident about trying to conceive again.

avoid ectopic pregnancy

1 to 2% of pregnancies end in an ectopic. Although this isn't a huge statistic, the consequences are huge because not only do you lose the baby then, an ectopic pregnancy is a huge risk to your health.

What is an ectopic pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancies mean that an embryo is developing outside of the safety of a uterus. This can also happen in the cervix, in the ovaries, even outside of the uterine wall but the most common is in fallopian tubes and that's also what we will be focused on.

Natural treatment to avoid (an)other ectopic

When I treat women that have had an ectopic pregnancy in the past, or they're at risk of an ectopic pregnancy, I focus on measures that fall into three main categories.

  1. Removing any synthetic hormone imprint on their system.
  2. Supporting the function of the fallopian tubes.
  3. Clearing out fallopian tubes of mucus or scarring.



Remove synthetic hormone imprint

The use of progesterone only birth control or fertility drugs can reduce the functionality of your fallopian tubes in being able to move an embryo down.

However, it's really great with homeopathy, that it's possible to detox an imprint like that.

In the fifties, throughout the seventies, women that were at risk of having a miscarriage were prescribed DES. But then unfortunately this affected the reproductive system of their daughters that were born.

So if you are a daughter of a woman that used DES it may have affected your fallopian tubes. But I even think that the granddaughters are still affected. So if on a scan it doesn't show that you have any clear abnormalities in your fallopian tubes or in the form of your fallopian tubes, it may still be worthwhile to detox this DES homeopathically.

Support the function of your Fallopian tubes

We need to remove one thing if you're still doing that and that is smoking... stop the smoking!

Secondly, if you have had a D&C in the past for a miscarriage or for an ectopic pregnancy, your body has experienced trauma. One remedy that I love prescribing for trauma, both physical and emotional is Arnica. What I often do with my patients is prescribe them Arnica in the potency 200c, have them take it once a day for five days. Then another four weeks, once a week only.

Arnica ectopic pregnancy

I find that it makes a huge difference to a lot of women in being able to process the grief over a past miscarriage or a past ectopic pregnancy.

Also physically they notice a lot of changes, especially if there is pain that has remained after the D&C or the ectopic pregnancy, for example.

Sometimes this remedy needs to be prescribed in a higher potency, but I would not suggest that you do that by yourself, but that you do that under the care of a trained homeopathic practitioner.

Supplements for the Fallopian tubes

I've got a couple of great supplements suggestions, of course, as well.

The first is vitamin C, which I'm huge fan of anyway. This antioxidant is anti inflammatory.

This is really helpful if there is an inflammation going on, which is causing mucus, but it also prevents any more scarring, if you already know that you have pelvic inflammatory disease or endometriosis.

Another great supplement for your fallopian tubes is vitamin E. This is a researched supplement to restore your fallopian tube. So we love to have some of that.

Now let's throw in some other lovelies, like ginger and turmeric. These again are also both anti-inflammatory which is really important when we are trying to reduce that mucus in the fallopian tubes.

Then last but not least, you're going to want to top up on fatty acids because that too is anti-inflammatory, but it is also supportive of the tissue and elasticity of the fallopian tubes.

Homeopathic remedy for Fallopian tubes

We've also got another really lovely homeopathic remedy, well, it's more of a tissue salt, and that is Calc Fluor.

It is so valuable for elasticity of tissues in general, so also for your fallopian tubes. It's a great support for implantation.

You can take Calc Fluor 6X on a daily basis. In the past, I've recommended to take it only from ovulation until your period to support implantation. But that was for economical reasons. You can take it throughout your cycle. That's really, really excellent. 

Unblocking Fallopian tubes

The third category is clearing the fallopian tubes. This is a question I get asked a lot: How can I unblock my fallopian tubes naturally?

Because they can either be blocked due to endometriosis or mucus or scarring. Sometimes a blockage is visible on an HSG. If your doctor feels like it can be operated on they will suggest a surgery perhaps to remove the scarring.

Fallopian Tube unblock

However, sometimes scarring or mucus is so minor that it isn't visible, but we know that it is most likely there.

For example, if you've had surgery in the past chances are that there is scarring. Or if you've had these inflammatory conditions or endometriosis then chances are that there is scarring as well.

First of all, I would recommend that if you have had surgery in the past, in your abdomen, or if surgery is performed on your fallopian tubes, that you take that Arnica as I mentioned earlier.

Homeopathic remedies for scarring

There are two homeopathic remedies that I would recommend to address the scarring and those are Thiosinamine and Silica. 

The way that I prescribe it to my patients is I have them combined by a pharmacy in the potency 6C. Then I ask my patients to take one tablet of those or one pill of those daily for about three months.

I have seen some really special and amazing results with these remedies. I've seen it on skin tissue, for example, that was scarred. That is how I am 100% sure that it will also make a difference on the inside.

Not only that, I've had cases of women that were known to have scarring in their fallopian tubes and then they were able to fall pregnant and have a healthy baby.

When it comes to mucus buildup in your fallopian tubes, I think it's really important you know if you have had an STD or you have one. It is valuable to get tested for that. It is really important that you get treated for it.

Another reason for inflammatory conditions in the body are often metal toxicity in my experience. That also applies to something like pelvic inflammatory disease.

Another reason for mucus buildup can be Candida. So you want to make sure that you are on top of your Candida issues.

Overall though, when it comes to mucus buildup in the fallopian tubes, I think you would benefit the most from seeing a homeopathic practitioner that takes your case to find out what the reasons for the mucus buildup are and to target that specifically.

I haven't got any main remedies that I can prescribe to you and say, "Hey, that will solve that ». Apart from of course, the supplements that I just mentioned that are all anti inflammatory.

The same thing applies to endometriosis. Although endometriosis is related to estrogen dominance, I think you would really benefit from having your case taken by a practitioner that is trained and to address that endometriosis.