How to Lower Estrogen? Beat Your Estrogen Dominance to Get Pregnant

How to Lower Estrogen? Beat Your Estrogen Dominance to Get Pregnant

Estrogen dominance is all too common for women these days. Blame the contraceptive pill, blame plastics... whatever the cause, we care about restoring your hormonal imbalance so that you can get pregnant naturally. Find out what things to focus on to lower estrogen levels and bring them back in balance with the rest!

Under-active thyroid

It's really important for you to be aware of the fact that when you struggle with estrogen dominance, this could also be down to a sluggish thyroid

A few hints of you possibly having a sluggish thyroid, is that you struggle with your weight, that you are overweight or that it's really hard for you to get the weight off. You feel really tired, very cold frequently when other people clearly aren't, and that you have a clouded mind.

Now these symptoms could point towards something else but they can also be clues of an under-active thyroid. If you want to start at looking how to improve your thyroid, then I would recommend that you nurture your adrenals. Because a sluggish thyroid is often a reaction to adrenals that have been struggling for a long time.

thyroid estrogen dominance infertility

So, if you've had a really stressful life and I guess most of us do, then as a result, your thyroid can kind of slam the brakes. So, start taking care of your adrenals.

Slower metabolism

So as I said, a sluggish thyroid leads to a slower metabolism. This is the reason that often under-active thyroid patients feel cold and they struggle with the weight. Because they are not actually getting rid of the fat. If your thyroid is sluggish, that also slows down the metabolism of your liver and we need a healthy liver to get rid of toxins. But also for a healthy hormone balance.

Liver and estrogen

So what happens if the liver isn't functioning properly because of the thyroid being under-active or because the liver itself is being stressed?

liver estrogen dominance infertility

That means that estrogen builds up in the body. So estrogen that you should normally be getting rid of with a healthy metabolism, it just builds up and that gives you all the estrogen dominance symptoms.

Although a sluggish liver can be the result of a sluggish thyroid, you can imagine that your liver in itself could be struggling for several reasons.

Manage your emotions

One is actually an emotional reason. If you are harboring anger and you aren't resolving that, that puts stress on your liver.

You see how an emotional thing that you're holding onto can have a physical impact, so a way to lower the impact on your liver is to resolve your anger.

Stop smoking and drinking

There are a couple of other things that can help your liver though. If you've been drinking a lot of alcohol in the past or you've been smoking, that has put pressure on your liver. So if you haven't cut that out already, do that right away.

estrogen dominance alcohol infertility

Smoking, you'll want to cut out anyway if you are trying to conceive, but alcohol we want to at least cut down, if we don't cut it out completely.

Side effects of drugs

Another thing that puts stress on your liver is any kind of toxin. That can be drugs. If you're taking drugs over the counter a lot, reconsider if it's really necessary. If you're taking prescription drugs, make sure that you talk to your health practitioner who's prescribed them before you cut that down or cut it out.

Exercise to lose fat

A lot of the causes of estrogen dominance are linked in. And here's another linked in one, and that is if you're holding onto fat. So it's really important to start exercising if you're not already and also to look at your diet if you haven't done that yet.

Because if you're holding onto fat, that also increases estrogen in your body because fat produces estrogen.

However, if you are struggling with an under-active thyroid, you are struggling with your weight. So I can understand that if you have an under-active thyroid, that it makes you really disheartened to think "well, if I'm going to hold onto the fat and that's going to make me estrogen dominant, then where do I start?"

estrogen dominance fat diet fertility

Just start somewhere. If you are working on your thyroid, that's going to help your fat metabolism. But you really need to also work on making sure that you're moving around enough and you're not slouching on the couch with a bag of potato chips in your hands.

Know that if you're exercising and watching your diet, it's also going to help your thyroid. And it doesn't take that much, you don't have to sign up to a gym, you don't have to have the perfect outfit, you don't need to get the perfect DVD, just start with 15 minutes of movement a day.

Set your timer, just move. Start running up and down the stairs or start stretching on the floor. Go for a walk. Who cares, start somewhere.


Here's another issue that can be caused by a sluggish thyroid but can also be a symptom that you're having separately from your thyroid, and that is constipation.

If you are struggling with constipation, that is also a way that you're holding onto way too much estrogen. So make sure that you keep your digestion as healthy as possible by eating healthy.

Then make sure that your water intake is enough and that you have plenty of fiber in your diet.

Now these are a bit of the obvious things. I would really recommend to eat two little prunes a day and not the fresh ones, but I'm talking about the dried ones. Put them in hot water for a little bit to soak up the hot water and take those at night and that should really help most of you.

If you're still struggling after that, make sure to look into homeopathic treatment because there are plenty of remedies that can help you with that.

Hormonal balance

I often share that it's not really about having too much estrogen in your system or too much progesterone or too much whatever hormone, but that it's always about balance.

So when it comes to estrogen, we want to make sure that there is plenty of progesterone in your system as well at the right time. If you are having normal amounts of estrogen but not enough progesterone, that can also come out as estrogen dominance.

Contraceptive pill and estrogen dominance

A big reason for estrogen dominance I find with the patients in my clinic is that they have taken the contraceptive pill in the past.

It doesn't need to just be the pill, it can also be the injection or it can also be the hormonal coil. Anything with synthetic hormones can really throw off our super delicate hormonal system. Often the reaction of our system is to become estrogen dominant.

estrogen dominance contracecptive pill detox

The issue with that is not just the estrogen dominance but years of estrogen dominance can actually lead to having a lack of estrogen in the end. Meaning that you can hit menopause too early or you can have early ovarian failure and a lot of menopausal issues which is way down the line I know for you guys because you're looking at trying to conceive.

Early menopause

However it's just really important that you are caring about your estrogen dominance today because it can lead to a lack of estrogen and menopausal issues down the line as well.

So we're not just looking at resolving your estrogen dominance so you can actually conceive naturally, but also so that you can hit menopause in a healthy way. There's no reason for us to have hot flashes and feel horrible in that time. If we do, that's usually a result of years and years of neglect of hormonal issues in the first place.

Detoxing the pill

What I do with those patients is I detox their hormonal history with homeopathic remedies.

I've got so many patients that have already fallen pregnant just by detoxing the pill. So it's really worth to get started with that alone.

As so many of us have the contraceptive pill in our history, and not just in our history, but also a lot of us are second generation contraceptive pill users. Even your mom having used contraceptives in the past can have an impact on your fertility today.

Here is a last simple step that you can actually start with today really easily: stop using plastic containers for your food and drinks.

It isn't impossible to eliminate plastic in your system completely because it's really everywhere, but you can reduce it drastically by looking at what is going into your body. It's important to do that because our bodies recognize plastic as a form of estrogen, so it isn't actually estrogen but we recognize it as such.

A lot of estrogen dominance symptoms can just be because we have too much plastic in our body.