Reflexology to Improve Fertility: 3 Techniques to Help You Get Pregnant

Reflexology to Improve Fertility: 3 Techniques to Help You Get Pregnant

Reflexology can be used to treat infertility. Here I give you simple reflexology points to massage to help you get pregnant.

Fertility reflexology in your feet

There are points on your feet that correspond with your reproductive system. The idea is to apply pressure on these points to heal organs that are directly involved in the process of ovulation and fertilization.

fertility feet reflexology infertility treatment

You will improve the functioning of key reproductive organs by self-massaging the top of your foot. The point that corresponds with your liver is very important because it deals with hormonal balance.

On your big toe, see the area "pituitary"on the diagram. The pituitary gland is like your master gland when it comes to hormonal balance.

You might feel pain and this means you need to work on that point. It is a signal that this is a good point.

Feet reflexology will improve your fertility in a non-invasive and natural way. So this is something you can do on a daily basis.

Reflexology in your hands

If you've heard of reflexology, you probably think about reflexology being all about your feet. Yes, there's reflexology points in your feet but also in your hands.

Reflexology is the theory that acupressure on specific points can benefit other areas in your body.

Regarding your hand, this is really a quick, easy at-home tip that I'm going to give you. The points that are going help you with trying to conceive are around your wrist and on the tip of your thumb.

hand reflexology fertility

As you can see, you can massage points that correspond to your ovaries and uterus (your wrist) and your pituitary (tip of your thumb).

When it comes to massaging your wrist, you just want to put your other hand around your wrist and just massage back and forth.

Then the other one is on your thumb. You just want to find the center tip part of your thumb and massage in there. So take a look at the diagram to help you out with this one.

By applying pressure or massaging these different points in your hand the idea is that this is going to heal points that are in your reproductive system.

By applying pressure to different areas in your hands, it sends a calming message from the peripheral nerves in your hands to the central nervous system which in turns, signals the body to adjust to the tension level. This enhances overall relaxation and brings internal organs and their systems into a state of optimal functioning and increases blood supply and oxygenation to your body. So it's positively affecting the circulatory system, the respiratory system, the endocrine system, the immune system and the neuropeptide system in the body.

traditional theory is that there is vital energy in your body and if stresses are not addressed, then this leads to congestion in this energy flow. This causes bodily inefficiencies which can lead to illnesses.

Reflexology keeps this energy flowing and possibly the reflexologist can actually feel these blockages within your hands or feet or whichever area they're working on. 

Uterus reflexology on your ear

Now I'm going to talk about reflexology on your ears to help with trying to conceive. The reflexology point in your ear that corresponds with your uterus is right at the top of your ear.

fertility reflexology uterus


The idea with reflexology is that there are different points on your ear that correspond with different points on your body.

What you want to do is just massage this part corresponding with your uterus.

Women trying to conceive will do a bit of acupressure, with little sort of seeds. It's like taping a seed onto your ear. So a little tiny bead that you can massage with. It's really going to have a more powerful acupressure point on it.

But obviously for this tip, since it's just something really simple to do, just use your fingers that you already have available.

It will help you get rid of tensions, specifically in your uterus area.