Top 7 fertility teas to get pregnant

Top 7 fertility teas to get pregnant

Are you trying to get pregnant, but it’s taking longer than you expected? When you really want a baby, you would definitely be willing to make the process faster, and fertility teas can do just this for you.

Herbs have been used for hundreds if years in Chinese medicine in order to increase the chance of pregnancy. The idea is now becoming very popular in the West.

Its success relies largely on the fact that - unlike drugs - it is natural, non-invasive, organic and it doesn’t require a medical prescription.

So if you want to save the trouble of visiting hospitals and swallow pills, herbal teas can do a great deal for you. They work in different ways, either by improving and adjusting hormonal levels or improving the overall health of the reproductive system which includes the ovaries, uterus, and the fallopian tubes.

You might wonder how herbs can work that magic you need. You have to keep in mind the nutrients that are essential for women to be in optimal condition to get pregnant:

And guess what? Preconception teas have them all!

best fertility teas to get pregnant

There are countless herbs that are used to boost fertility. They each have their own benefits that will support a healthy body and mind. Although you can drink them on a daily basis, it doesn’t imply that you are allowed to take them in excess.

Let’s take a look at the ones that have proven to be incredibly helpful to our overall health and maximize your chances to have a baby:


1. Stinging Nettle Leaf Tea

stinging nettle leaf tea to get pregnant

Nettle leaf tea may be one of the most underrated herbal teas. It is an all-around perfect herb to boost your chances of conception.

Studies have shown that it is so high in nutrients that it can almost be classed as a vegetable on its own merit.

It packs a nutritional punch, with Vitamins A, C, and K1 as well as potassium and calcium.

It nourishes the glandular system, tones the uterus, is rich in minerals, and may even relieve seasonal allergies due to its natural antihistamine properties.

Additionally, nettle contains the greatest amount of chlorophyll out of all herbs, which is important to clean, oxygenate, and purify the blood.

However, what makes it an amazing tea for women trying to conceive, is the iron content. Normalized iron levels can decrease the risk of ovulatory infertility in women.


2. Peppermint Leaf Tea

peppermint leaf tea to get pregnant

Peppermint is an aromatic herb in the mint family that is a cross between watermint and spearmint. It can be found naturally in North America and Europe. 

These plants are particularly known for their cooling sensation. They can be added to foods in both fresh and dried forms.

Peppermint can help with digestion, headaches, and even menstrual cramps. It also has antibacterial properties.

The leaf is rich in minerals including like calcium and potassium, as well as antioxidants, which help your boost your immune system.

Peppermint tea contains vitamins A, C, and B12 as well as the essential pregnancy B vitamin folate, which is the natural form of folic acid.


3. Green Tea

best green tea to get pregnant

Green Tea is a form of tea made from Camellia Sinesis and contains loads of antioxidants and minerals that are great for the body. 

Based on its health benefits, green tea helps boost overall health and ease medical conditions that are preventing conception.

Packed with antioxidants such as EGCG, green tea boosts fertility by reducing the formation of free radicals and preventing DNA damage to cells including sperm and eggs.

Green tea contains B vitamins and folate, which is natural folic acid. It also contains minerals, such as magnesium, caffeine, and antioxidants, such as polyphenols.

Polyphenols are beneficial compounds that reduce inflammation and improve the flow of blood to various tissues in your body.

Researches have found that it enhances reproductive health by repairing the oxidative damage that occurs naturally as the result of environmental toxins and aging.

A study from the American Journal of Public Health found that drinking 1 cup of green tea daily doubled the odds of conception per cycle.


4. Black Maca Tea

black maca tea to improve sperm quality

Because it takes two persons to have a baby, it is very important that men also explore the natural fertility treatments available for them.

The maca plant has exploded in popularity in recent years. Maca root has traditionally been used to enhance fertility and sex drive.

It has gained the reputation of being a tonic or adaptogen (a substance that enhances the body’s ability to adapt to stress) and is commonly referred to as Peruvian ginseng.

A 2018 review found some evidence that maca root may increase semen quality in both fertile and infertile men. The results revealed that treatment with maca increase seminal volume, sperm count per ejaculation, and sperm motility. 


5. Lotus Seeds Tea

organic lotus seed tea to get pregnant fast

In the past decades, several studies have shown that lotus seeds help prevent cancer, boost immunity and relieve depression, stress and anxiety. 

Nutritionally it has a solid content of carbohydrates, protein, vitamins including vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin A and E, and other essential minerals like magnesium, potassium and sodium. 

Adding this seed in your regimen is another natural way to trigger fertility. It facilitates the sperm quality and improves sperm count in men while in women it promotes the functioning of the female reproductive system.


6. Hibiscus Flowers Tea

organic hibiscus flower tea to get pregnant fast

Hibiscus is a flowering plant from the mallow family, found in tropical climates around the world. The flower, and sometimes its leaves, are dried out to use for tea. People have been drinking hibiscus tea for centuries for its beneficial properties.
This caffeine-free beverage is a great source of antioxidants, which help fight free radicals and reduce oxidative damage. So it is a great addition to your diet if you are looking to boost your fertility.
Women who are anemic and are suffering from infertility due to low iron levels should definitely take a look at hibiscus health benefits.

7. Red Goji Berries Tea

organic red goji berries tea to get pregnant fast

The Chinese, Tibetans and Mongolians have used goji berries from the Himalayan Mountains for hundreds of years as an herbal medication. Goji berries contain vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids, complex sugars and proteins.

Goji berries have gained popularity in recent years, often promoted as a "superfood".

They help prevent premature aging, boost the immune system, have benefits for diabetes and protect against heart disease and cancer. By improving your overall health, they also put your body in the optimal condition to be fertile.



As with all dietary supplements and herbs, please consult with your physician before use if you have a medical condition, or are taking any medication.