What is the Best Sex Position to Get Pregnant Fast?

What is the Best Sex Position to Get Pregnant Fast?

Does sexual position matter when you are trying to get pregnant? This is a very controversial subject so let me tell you what really works.

Youtube is filled with videos claiming that changing your sexual position will speed up the time it takes to become pregnant or improve the odds of becoming pregnant overall. Are these claims true? Does it really make a difference what sexual position you use? I guarantee you are going to be very surprised!

I am board certified in obstetrics and gynecology and also sub-specialty certified in reproductive endocrinology and infertility. I point this out because many of the videos on this topic are from fakes who would like you to think they are medical doctors but they are not. I give honest science-based tips that have helped people all over the world have their rainbow baby.

Understanding Sperm movement

It is really important to understand sperm movement as we talk about some of the different claims that are made about sexual positions.

sperm sex positions to get pregnant

Sperm move by whipping their tails around. This causes the sperm head to swing back and forth and causes the sperm to actually rotate like a corkscrew.

The movement of sperm in the vagina occurs randomly in all directions. You've probably seen animations in which all of the sperm are headed in a single direction.

The reality is that sperm move in all directions. Even images of actual sperm under a microscope during a semen analysis don't really reflect sperm movement well because it is only showing two dimensions.

Sexual position & the cervix

The first claim you might see is that changing sexual position improves fertility by changing the orientation of the cervix.

cervix uterus best sex positions to get pregnant

The cervix is the opening of the uterus. When you look inside a woman's vagina, the opening of the cervix may point straight out, it may point up or it may point down. Because the sperm swim in all directions it is extremely unlikely that these differences would make any difference in the sperm's ability to enter the uterus.

In fact, there has never been any evidence that the direction of the cervix makes it easier or harder to get pregnant or that changing your sexual position to alter that will improve your fertility.

Opening up the cervix

A related claim is that changing sexual position will somehow open up the cervix. This is kind of ridiculous. The cervix is made up of very strong firm tissue.

To get the cervix to open up, even a little, requires strong medication or surgical instruments or hours of painful uterine contractions. Ask any woman who has gone through labor how easy it is to open up a cervix.

TTC with Deeper penetration

Another claim that is made is that changing sexual position will allow for deeper penetration and that this will improve your fertility. This is another myth.

While deeper penetration may feel better, or worse, it doesn't change the odds that sperm will reach the cervix.

Now it is important that there is some penetration. If a man ejaculates outside of the vagina, the chances for pregnancy will not be as good. But this actually proves my point because some pregnancies can occur even when ejaculation occurs outside of the vagina.

Does Orgasm improve fertility?

Finally, many videos have claimed that some sexual positions improve fertility by stimulating the G-spot and increasing the chance for orgasm.

female orgasm to get pregnant

It has been suggested by some that a female orgasm creates suction which pulls the sperm into the uterus. The evidence here is a little mixed but at present, there is no conclusive evidence that orgasm improves sperm transport.

There is also no evidence that orgasm increases the chances for pregnancy. Women who report having frequent orgasms do not have more children than women who don't.

Our bottom line is this:

Changing your sexual position does not improve the chance for pregnancy or shorten the time to get pregnant.

The best method to get pregnant naturally is to boost your fertility by taking supplements.