Ying De Hong Tea

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Our Ying De Hong Black Tea is one of your best allies to get pregnant naturally. These organic tea leaves will boost your fertility.

Ying De Hong also known as Ying Hong is produced in the YingDe city, Guangdong Province. It is one of the most famous black tea in China. This tea is precisely the tea from which black Ceylon teas originated, and this is evident not only from its appearance but mainly from its aroma and flavor. Ying De Hong Cha, its Mandarin pinyin name, was the pride of the Ming dynasty. 

It is a modern tea developed in Guangdong Province in the 1950s and it is recently becoming very popular in the West due to its health benefits.

Black tea antioxidants help combat free radicals which is exactly what women trying to conceive are looking for. Free radicals are unstable molecules in the body that result from both natural processes and environmental pressures.

From boosting heart health and reducing the risk of diabetes to improving immunity and bone health, black tea largely improves your overall health and boost your fertility.


The aroma of the leaves is chocolate and caramel.


Cool and ventilated place, avoid direct sunlight. If the conditions permit, it is best to refrigerate.

Brewing Guide:

Leaf Quantity: 2.25 g/6oz cup

Steep Time: 4-5 min

Water Temperature: 212 degrees (boiling)