Kumquat Tea

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Our Kumquat Tea is one of your best allies to get pregnant naturally. This organic herbal tea will boost your fertility.

Citrus fruits like oranges and lemons are favorites all over the world and have found their place in the world of fruits. But another fruit from the same family, which is relatively unknown, is the kumquat.

Kumquats are especially notable for their rich supply of vitamin C and fiber. In fact, you get more fiber in a serving of them than most other fresh fruits.

The skin is full of fiber and antioxidants (substances that can protect your cells). Kumquats are also cholesterol-free and low in fat and sodium.


Refreshing and sour.


Cool and ventilated place, avoid direct sunlight. If the conditions permit, it is best to refrigerate.

Brewing Guide:

Use 8-10 slices per 300ml of water. Heat water to 90-95℃ and steep for 1-3 minutes. Add sugar or honey for a sweet taste.

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