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A groundbreaking program to boost your fertility.

If you’ve tried to get pregnant and there’s no explanation for your lack of success, you have unexplained infertility. This does not mean you won’t conceive. But how long should you wait before starting a fertility treatment?

Besides going to the doctor’s for medical treatments, there are natural fertility boosters that can help you get pregnant faster. Lifestyle and diet adjustments are the easiest and best ways to naturally boost fertility.

Including comprehensive information on diet, supplements, optimizing ovulation and conception, lifestyle, complementary approaches, psychological techniques, and dealing with miscarriage, you will be able to get pregnant without needing to read anything else.

It’s important not to forget it takes two people to make a baby, which is why we’ve also got tips for boosting male fertility in our round-up as well.

We’ve also got some advice on the best sexual positions for conception, which will hopefully introduce a little bit of fun into what can be a pretty stressful time in a couple’s life.

We share scientifically proven strategies to prepare your mind and body to conceive naturally and quickly.


Inside you will discover:

  • Day-by-day program (30 days)
  • Self-help strategies for both women and men to boost fertility
  • Why some couples take longer or find it harder to conceive
  • What is the best diet and which supplements to take to maximize your chances of getting pregnant
  • Practice fertility yoga
  • How to predict ovulation and the best time to have sex for conception
  • How stress, smoking, drinking, and other lifestyle factors may impact on your ability to conceive
  • How to prevent miscarriage


The Authors:


Pregnancy Fertility Treatment

Dr. Amanda Miller is board certified in both Obstetrics and Gynecology and Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility, and has been practicing medicine since 1992. In her career she has helped thousands of patients overcome infertility and experience the joy of having a family.

Fertility Treament Get pregnant

Dr. Nicole Williams is a registered obstetrician and gynecologist specializing in infertility issues. She has cared for hundreds of couples across the USA and is currently working in a large IVF center in Southern California. She provides personalized support to couples in all stages of their infertility treatment. Nicole earned her degree from Pace University in New York City and also holds a BS in biology from Philadelphia University.