Yoni Steam Seat - Deluxe Stool

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State of the art Yoni Steam Seat

This electronic yoni steam seat is perfect to support the practice of vaginal steam.

Yoni Steam helps cleanse and revitalize your reproductive system, reduce menstrual pain, detox, and greatly improve your fertility.

We have designed this seat together with physicians in order to bring you the most cutting-edge vaginal steam seat that you can use in a safe way at home. 

  • Cozy seat cushion: The soft, ergonomic cushion contours to your body and easily removable for cleaning.
  • 360° circulating steam conduction
  • Steam chamber: watch the steam build in the elegant, translucent chamber
  • Control panel: The intelligent user interface allows you to adjust the temperature, turn on/off the infrared lights, and set the auto mode if needed